Before we get too much further along, before another year passes and I get any more confused as to why I am here even at all, I think it be best if I clarify a few things to you and to myself.

What I write here is a collection of memories, stories, tales (some of them may be taller than others), opinions and contradictions. Some will be from the past, not so distant past and present and possibly I may even make up a story or two about the future. I will from time to time change names and facts to protect the innocent and most of the time the not so innocent.

There will be times that you will read something and possibly shake your head and say to yourself, “Didn’t he say the opposite a few blog posts ago?” As I mentioned, I will contradict myself. One of my favorite lines from a movie is from TombstoneDoc Holiday (Val Kilmer) says, “…my hypocrisy knows no bounds”.

There is no greater truth that people deny about themselves more than their own hypocrisy. I’ve decided to embrace mine here on this very blog.

I’m still learning this life; however the only things I can hold onto as truth is what I know at this very moment. And what I know at this very moment is;

Not all relationships are made to last
Dreams are powerful
There are no gods
I die inside when my kids get hurt or sick
I love my wife
I love my kids
All I want to do is sit and stare at trees
We have to be taught to be nice
We know how to hurt others
If you hold a globe upside down, it is not really upside down.
Our perspectives are not our own.
North does not mean up
South does not mean down
East does not mean right
West does not mean left…

This is not a comprehensive list of what I know. Just a start. What I learn today may change or add to what is above. I may have an epiphany about an event that took place ten years ago and it too will change what is above.

*What I write on this blog I don’t say because I think it is witty, because I think you should know or even care. I’m just stringing some words together to distract myself and you from our impending doom. That’s all.


*This line is taken and reworded from Todd Snider’s Storyteller CD, but the rest of the blog post it totally my own. I promise.
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